The golden leaf and the green leaf 1-17-12
Which came first?
The golden leaf,
Or the green leaf.
Was it green?
Then gold?
Or gold
Then green?
One would think green.
In the cycle round it goes.
Green brown gold gone.
Or maybe
It goes
Gone gold brown green.
My little owlet 1-17-12
How bright and lovely you are
Little tufts of white feathers
Poking all about
Teeter on to the branch
Grip it with your golden talons
Tilt your head this way and that
Give a little hoot
And fall
Spread your wings and see what you do
Glide right on down
Down to the ground
Then hop skip and jump
Till the wind catches your wings
And flap back up
To the branch
Grab on and settle down
You’ve done it!!!!
You’ve flown!!!
Now, go back inside and laydown
Wait till mom and dad get home
Persephone’s pearls   1-17-12
Persephone’s pearls
Where found by the damned
They wished to travel up
And be beautiful like flowers
But unlike flowers they were damned
Never to return
Only to glare in hatred
Southern bells 1-21-12
Ding dong the witch’s bell
The misty mornings
Moss covered trees
Clover covered grounds
And dew drops all around
We emerge from our tombs
With parasol in hand
The mist rises
As we dance from our secret places
For all the world to see
Rain 12-11-11
Pounding on the ground
The ever fertile ground
Glistening on the leaves
The ever soft leaves
Landing on the bench
In the park
Sliding down the nose
Of the lonely girl walking
In the dark of night
You sound bigger than you are
In the light of day
You are like a crystal
The color blue 1-4-11
The depth of things I feel for you.
The depth of the ocean.
The depths of things I do don’t feel.
A crow maiden’s journey 1-4-11
Is long and hard
Short and easy
Ugly and beautiful
It is full of dark and light
It is full of many challenges
The ability to find beauty
 In the rain
 Is yours to keep
Just remember life has many challenges
But, even carrion have purpose
Morgan/the morigan1-21-12
Fly on the wings of the wind
As only a bird of black can do
Cast ye runes
And sing ye tunes
To help along your loves
Sing ye songs to ye woeful dead
Sing them home
Wash their clothes
To be clean when they go to the blessed home
Davata 1-2-11
Indian fire goddess.
Fire to begin,
Fire to end.
Fire for good,
Fire for sin.
Crerridwen 1-3-11
Mother of poems
Of love and of pain
Muse of all shapes
And of all seasons
Threw the pain
Some find beauty
Beauty can inspire
Pain can inspire
Need inspires most
A mother’s love inspires
The seasons inspire
Bridgid 1-3-11
Of fire and wine
Of passion and grace
Stoke the fires and lift the anvils
Wipe the sweat from your brow
Put your goggles back down
And beat the sword
In the flame
Put the pin to the paper
And write a few lines
With a pint by your side
And some stew on the flame
Healing the wounds
Inflicted on the soul of old
Tell stories of wounds
Upon the mind of young
Bring the sun
to shine light on your soul
For all the world to see
 The thinning of the veil 1-4-11
The thinning of the veil
Is the most mysterious of occasions
Though not to fear
Mayhap we try to figure it here
Lest see shale we
When does the journey to the veil begin?
Does it begin say……
 When we draw our last breath?
Does it begin when we begin to grow old?
For who is to say that we are old?
Does it begin when bad things happen?
We learn from the bad and grow
Nae Nae Nae
For it begins from the very moment we are born
From our very last breath
When we grow old
And when bad things happen
We are already on the path
But have no fear
Live a good life
Be happy and work hard
And the other side shale be nice for you
Autumn falls 1-4-11
When autumn falls on the pines
You sense the change in her perfume.
The parks at night
As stars rise and leaves fall
As bon fires burn
And fresh earth is tilled
And the bounty is pulled
From her womb
Pearls of wisdom
Fall from the sky
And attach to mother earth
At night
And we cheer at the games
And we plow the fields
And we roast marsh mellows
At the bon fires
As we celebrate the changing
Of the seasons in our many ways
Autumn falls way to winter
Welsh beauty 10-20-10
A grove of trees
A marsh
A valley
All of them fare as a maiden
Maiden in spring
All fresh and green
Covered in rain
With blooms of many colors
Vines crawling up the walls
Graves so old they are recognized monuments
Hills so old and green
Faeries make them home
A people so old and fierce
To make others cringe
All a beauty to be hold
Back to our roots 1-4-11
Back to our roots
With the pots and pans
Back to our roots we go
Stir the cauldron
Watch it grow
Our roots!!!! They show!!!
Throw in the apples
And the spices
Toss the greens
Back to our roots we go
My very own love spell 6-29-07
Unfreeze his heart
Unfreeze his mind
Make him mine
If he wants to be mine
By the next full moon
3 red roses
2 pink roses
1 purple rose
2 pink candles
1 for me
1 for them
Eternal love incense
Drawing of hathor
Outside under the full moon
1 rose shrub with lots of blooms for an offering
Sweep, stir and wipe 1-21-12
Sweep sweep sweep
Stir up the dust
Look up into the past
See where we have come from
See what we can do
See what we can learn
See what not to do
Wipe wipe wipe
Wipe away the cobwebs
Stir up the brain
See what we have thought up
See what was useful
See what was better not to have
See what there is to see
My familiar 1-21-12
How beautiful she is to me
She swims around to protect me
From whatever she may
She does not scare me any more
I dreamed of her to stay
To stay and play
To play and stay
As ever a spirit would
Her name be nessy
And she is sassy
And a friend of min
She protects me
And I protect her
She is my true familiar
She guides me in my dreams
Swims around my bed at night
Protects me from what seams
What seems to be?
And may not be
To my friend from the sea
Or to my friends with no third eye
I write this to thee
To thee, oh super natural friend
Be always in my company
Protect my children and their children
I’ll do the same for yours.
You’ll see me through to my old age
I’ll see you through to yours
What all men do 1-21-12
Real men open doors
Doors of all kinds
Not just rectangular ones
Or round ones
Not even just physical ones
Real men open all doors
They hold the door open
Knowing they don’t go in first
They open doors in the mind
And say see what we see
In you!!
They open doors in the soul
And say feel what we
Feel in you!!
They open doors in the heart and say
You have what we need in you!
Real men fight
They fight to open the doors
In your mind
They fight to hold those doors
Open for you
They fight to open doors in your soul
They fight to keep them open for you
They fight to open the doors in your heart
They fight to keep these doors open for you
Real men wield swords and bayonets
And daggers and knives
To keep you safe for all your lives
And they want to do these things for you!!
Real men are respectful
They are respectful of your mind
Because they love you for it
They are respectful of your soul
Because they seek out its warmth
They are respectful of your heart
Because you give them life and love
Real men know the value of respect
And measure it in all their actions
You will see these things as they do them for others
You will see it in the way they are
With their mothers and brothers
Fathers and sisters!
In the way they are with their “belongings”
You will see it still
In the way they are with their environment
Real men are kind
They are kind to your mind
For they recognize it as unique onto you
They are kind to your soul
For they recognize it as both fearsome and fragile
They are kind to your heart
For they recognize its weight
All men need to be taught and shown these things
Chivalry is not dead; it is just buried and forgotten
Much like our dead
But we should do them the honoring of remembering now before it is to late
Let the rain pour 1-21-12
Let the rain pour
Let the owls soar
High above the night
On this mars black night
Where witches ride
And black cats stride
Raze the bonfires high
Hear the old bones sigh
Light the jack-o-lanterns
Let them fly!!
Let them fly high in the night
On the back of a broom!!
Let the lightning strike
And the witches soar
In to the darkening night
We take flight
As the rain pelts our hair
We raise our hands to the sky
In praise we sing and dance and feast!!
The owl 9-24-11
Wings of white
Spots of black
Eyes of amber
Beak of yellow point
Clawed of foot
Soar above the world so bleak
In all its shade of gray
Do you see me?
Standing high above on a mountain top?
With my arms thrown wide
Bare to the world
For all to see
Only you see me
Soaring high above
You circle round
Swoop low all seeing one
Have you fed well young one?
Swoop low my beauty
Swoop low and come home to me
The hawk 1-21-12
Sharp of eye
Sharp of beak
Sharp of claw
Listen to your startling war cry
As you silently swoop by
To catch what only you can see
Standing ever watchful
 And vigilant to see
Who needs protecting and who needs to flee
Oh wise one watch over me
Protect me threw my day
See what I can’t
Do what I can’t
I don’t care9-13-10
I don’t care any more
I don’t care that you don’t call me
I don’t care that every time we see each other you’re asleep
I don’t care that you don’t care that you’re sick
I don’t care that we don’t see each other much
I don’t care that I come last
I don’t care that you don’t care what I do
I don’t care that we never lay together any more
I don’t care
Autumn falls equinox 9-18-10
Star light and leaves
Fall round and round
Wind blows, on it a name
See you, no pigs here
Queen witch Hecate
How we long for the patter of your hound’s feet
As signs for all our cross roads
Rose noir our gifts to you
When you draw near
My sisters dear
A gift left by all who happen upon the cross road at night
Hear you artimis
Your horns call
The amazons are here
With we your new huntresses
We are at the cross road
Waiting for you all with our gifts for you!!
Charon the ferry man 1-21-12
Do you have you money to cross?
Two pieces of coin
It cost you
What is the weight of your soul?
Hear the screams of the dead
Hear the silence of the dead
See the cloaked figure on that boat?
Does he scare you?
Should you be frightened?
Watch his cloak sway back and forth
With the movement of his ores
See the silver swirls in his eyes?
How beautiful they are
Be fearless as he draws near
Step un-afraid on to his vessel
Hand over your coin to be weighed
And measured
As we draw away from shore
I turn to see…
You …found lacking
Music flows 10-6-10
The expression of music cannot be limited to one genre
For it would surly die
Just as the soul cannot be limited
To merely words or pen and paper
But to express it’s self
That is the key to the soul
I lie 10-8-10
In perfect love and perfect trust
I lie
I say I trust
I lie
Trust no one I say
I lie
Fate decides
I lie
I am that no one that you don’t trust
I lie
I am the no one that you don’t love
I lie
Wolf Rabbit 10-8-10
Run rabbit
The wolf
Chases you
Your family
Needs you
To bring
Food home
Run wolf
The rabbit
Eludes you
Your family
Needs you
To bring
Food home
Sacrifice 1-21-12
To give up something
But what to give up?
Something of virtue?
Something of value?
Something you don’t care about?
To be a true sacrifice
You need to give up something you care about.
Duat 1-24-12
One black feather as weight on one side.
 Your heart on the other.
There is darkness all around.
But we can hear souls of the damned screaming somewhere far away.
While the souls of the loved are at play.
As we flow on the river in our BA form.
We see all the shapes, sizes and colors of the Duat.
Do we see any one we know?
Isis 1-24-12
Hail the Queen!!
Palm fronds are waving to and fro.
Alligators are swimming lazily by.
A jewel of a river, sparkling day and night.
Do you see your people standing on the river banks?
With their baskets to be filled.
Do you see the cats waiting to be worshiped?
I hope you are kind to your children mother
For they could surly use it now.
Kind and gentle Isis
For that is you nature I think
The ever loving
Ever gentle goddess.
Anubis 1-24-12
Escort the dead
On their journey home
See them to their resting place
See that they are not disturbed
Accompany them to the under world
Make sure they don’t get lost
Give guidance and advice
To help when they are all alone
Osiris 1-24-12
Is it sad to be a man of death?
Is it lonely?
Nae I think not
But it could be
It could be
To see only the dead
Until beckoned to?
Or do you go about as you please?
Sailing along on your river
Does your wife Isis accompany you?
Do you ever visit with friends?
Falling leaves 1-24-12
1 leaf falls on the very first day
The equinox is here let’s play
2 leaves fall on the witching hour
Samhain is here let’s dance
3 leaves fall on the eve of the morrow
Crows fly by to mark the time
4 leaves fall on the grave of mine own
Let’s leave flowers at the cemeteries
5 leaves fall on the set of the beat
Pumpkins light to show our feet
6 leaves fall on the face of the moon
Apples are spread to mark the path
7 leaves fall on the earth like a blanket
Bats flit about to let us know we are loved
8 leaves fall in the basket of time
Owls hoot to mark the start
9 leaves fall in the circle we make
Round we go leaving food for treats
10 leaves fall on the ground at our feet
Skeletons dance with children in the street
11 leaves fall from the trees over head
Black cats stretch up from their tips
12 leaves fall on little babies with pointy hats
As we gather our brooms and we gather our bats
All the leaves fall as we glance at the sky
As the veil parts and we wave goodbye
I look around and all I see, are falling, falling leaves
Falling leaves everywhere
Like a strong wind blew through and knocked them all down
But it won’t knock me down, it won’t knock me down
I wrap my black coat around my self tighter and tighter still
Folding my arms around myself to keep it in place
Against the coming storm