I have been gone for quite some time. This month I took the first steps back to being me. The first step was that I lost my one full time job. Not much love lost there, I hated that job. It was killing me. I was sick all the time. I literally went to the doctor every month for a recurring upper respiratory issue that is now starting to clear up. I gained weight due to inactivity and poor diet and was more depressed than usual. I worked so much at this blood sucking job that I could not do what I love to do and that is the other way I was dyeing. I did not have the time or energy to create anything.

You see, I am a crafty person. I like to create, paint sew, build, write poetry and baking those are the creative things that make me happy and I could not do them while working in hell.

The second step back to being me, was a much smaller step. I put my much loved multi-colored often Halloween inspired earrings back in. You see I have four holes in my lobes and for over a year I have not put anything in those holes because I worked a phone job and backs would poke the piss out of my head and that does not feel good. Now I don’t have that problem so back in they went.

Over the next few days or weeks I will post all of my paintings and poems and we shale see what you think. I will also be taking the next steps back to being me.

blessed be

pagan Hyde