what to say what to say.  we shale start with hi. Hi.  I took another step today and cooked a full meal from scratch. I also started making a rag rug and painting a little bitty sign. I’ll have pictures of the rag rug some time. I have decided that when the rug is starting out it looks like a lions tail. I also plan on reaching my damn ten thousand step goal for today if it kills me. I like walking and yoga. those are my favorite forms of exercise.

I have a daughter who will from here on out be referred to as my “short person”. She is 11 and 5’0″ tall. It is an inside joke as she is not short.  She has decided that some things are just not cool.

For some reason she is not curious or inquisitive and only wants to play on her devices. She has three cats to help take care of that she doesn’t want anything to do with most of the time. Gods forbid you ask her to do something. like watch a movie, play a board game. I know that is normal to some degree. however I can not abide by no curiosity or wanting me to be normal. I informed her that “normal” people don’t listen to the birthday massacre,  watch anime, read manga or binge out on The Nightmare Before Christmas and she changed her mind. These are things that I do. I do not do normal, I do messy, artsy, moody, goofy, gothy momma.

I hope that some day she will get back to being creative and watching cartoons and other animated things with me.  this picture is one of my paintings. I hope you like it. oooh are we up to 300 words yet?

Blessed be

pagan Hyde