Today I was told I need to watch my mouth. I am a grown ass mother fucking woman I can say what ever I gods damned well want to. I was told this by a 62 year old man that drops the N word daily. The guy that told me this is my dad. I also get told its not “lady like” to cuss or spit. My sinuses drain down my throat, that’s why I spit. I hate snot, I can’t stand the sight of it. If I swallow it I will throw up. It’s also not lady like to work multiple jobs and have muscles and be stronger and smarter than a man but guess what. I do all of that too. Life makes you hard and if that is not lady like than people can just fucking deal with it.

I make people uncomfortable, I think its because I challenge them. I challenge what is normal and acceptable, I don’t keep my mouth shut about much and I don’t care if people don’t like me. I make my mom uncomfortable because she wants people to like her, my dad because I act like a man, most men I meet don’t like me because I am more “manly” than they are. They want someone that they can rescue and tell what to do. They want someone who will not ask questions or be smarter than them. I don’t need to be rescued, I ask questions and am not stupid or week. If you want Bella Swan, then you are at the wrong place. I do not need saving from the dragon, I am the dragon. I earned my crown of stone in blood and bone. this is no tiny tiara on my head. This is a crown of stone on my head and I earned this bitch.

blessed be

pagan Hyde