Why do people get offended by vulgaity? Why about others sexual orientation or nudity? Why do people get offended by women breastfeeding and compare it to a man wipping out there penis?
Honestly ladies and gentlemen I am a vulgar mother fucker. That does not mean that when I comment that I am “getting my shit” that have to comment that “your right it sure is” you could have just let my sentence slide like water off of a ducks back. But noo you had to reply and get what you believe to be the last word. Where you trying to one up me, did I hurt your feelings? Where you trying to get a response?  Was the “ok”  you got when you pointed out your little note sufficient? Or did you want more?    Did it make you feel like a man? Was I being mean to you? Shame shame on me for not caring about your five year old feelings and your tiny penis. You don’t care about me and my feelings.  I am not upset when you don’t care about me.  I get upset when someone is rude, childish, stupid (which is different from not smart about something or mentally diffrent). On to the next subject.
Sexual orientation, why do people get all up in arms when someone of the L.G.B.T.Q. orientations holds hands or kisses in public, or anywhere for that matter? It doesn’t rub off!! You can’t catch it!! You are born that way.  You don’t get to pick and choose.  I didn’t get to choose to be straight.  At no time have I ever had to check which one I wanted. I don’t remember getting to pick my gender, orientation or skin color. So I don’t understand why people get up in arms about these things. I didn’t pick being a goth or a pagan either. That’s just how I am. Stop getting offended by things no one can help. It makes you look stupid. People of the L.G.B.T.Q orientations deserve and HAVE the RIGHT to get married, raise babies, kiss and hold hands in  public and in general be just as happy as non L.G.B.T.Q people.
Now, nudity ahich will also tye into breastfeeding. Now I will admit that I don’t much care to see naked people. But I don’t tell people they can’t go naked. I just don’t look. I’ll admit the first time I saw so.eone breastfeed in public I had to stare for a minute to see what they where doing. They where so covered up that I could not tell if they where feeding or smothering the baby. Once I figured out what was going on I stopped looking. I have nothing against breastfeeding. I even tried it with my child. She was/is allergic to breast milk so it didn’t stick and I didn’t produce much anyway. Speaking from personal experience it’s hot under those blankets. No one should have to hide under one to eat. Breastfeeding is a choice, you don’t absolutely have to do it. However it is free and the best option to choose if at all possible. Wiping out a beast to feed a child is not the same as wiping g out your penis. Your sick is a sex organ. Breast are secondary sex organs. Meaning if you get hard seeing boo so that you have a fetish. Like when I salivate over a muscled, tattooed and bearded man. It’s a fetish. Fetish is not a dirty word. Stop being a ninny and let the women feed there babies somewhere comfortable. Bathrooms are stuffy. Closets do not get any air and blankets are hot as balls. Babies and mommies don’t like hot as balls. They like comfy same as you and are entitled to it. I know shocker that it is. You are not the only person with rights and privileges in this world. Grow up and get over it fucktards.

Blessed be
pagan Hyde
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