I think this is lovely



Once upon a time…a long time ago there was a girl. I know there’s always a girl. But this one was sat in the window watching two magpies. They in turn were eyeing up the leftovers she’d trailed across the dirt. She’d turned crumbs into paths, into roads. Eventually the braver one fluttered to the floor, soon joined by the other to quickly demolish the escape plan she had been daydreaming of.

The crumbs were left by her brother. His last meal under this roof. She’d watched him through this window as well. He’d paused at the gate, looking back at the house, then up at her. She’d raised her hand, fingers splayed as she pressed them against the glass. He raised his hand to match hers. Then he was through the gate and swallowed up by the forest that surrounded the cottage.

Raised voices scared the birds, scattering them…

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