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December 2015


I had forgotten that I used to absolutely love painting ivy.  I would have put it all over the place if i could.  When I had my own room, my parents let me paint Ivy on the trim all over my room and both sides of the door jam!  I drew it, I painted it, I looked at pictures of it.  I love English ivy, if I saw it on a building, that building automatically become beautiful.  Nothing like seeing


This out of the corner of my eye to remind me, and inspire me to finish this behemoth


Now, I never said my ivy was pretty, just that I love doing it as much as possible.


This is some more I did today.

Blessed be
pagan Hyde
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Potential world traveling

Am I the only one that dicks around on instagram and gets inspired to travel and be artistic?  I want to travel the globe, but I’m busted ass broke so my way to cope, while I look for work and college, is to “like” photos on instagram and to “follow” different people from all over the world.  I also take photographs and post them on my various accounts.  I am hoping to be able to do some arts and craft fairs this summer and fall.  I would also dearly love to model so I’m trying to get in good shape.  I also write poetry when I am so inclined.  What do you do to be creative?  I would love to have pinpals from all over the world. 

Blessed be
pagan Hyde
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my Yule/ Their Christamas photos

these are the ornaments that we made this year.  My daughter and I made the spiders.  My Daughter, youngest niece, and all of my nephews made balls ( yes I know that there are only pictures of three balls)


i feel like the blob aka im sick

So I haven’t been on in quite some time.  I don’t remember the last time I posted.  I guess that I have not had much to say. I joined doing reviews for  so far I have sent several deal request.  I got one reply but it timed out before I could do it.  Just goes to show that you have to check everyday.   A friend of mine turned me on to it as a way to possibly make some spare change.  this is my referral link and there it is Tahh dahhhh.

I feel like shit.  Apparently cold and flu season is particularly brutal this year.

This post actually came from my computer!



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