First thing, I made a loom Friday. Its pretty simple, I used a bunch of stuff I found around my house.  My dad has a cabinet shop so some times he has spare doors.  I’m sure it’s not a very conventionally sized loom, but it will work just fine for me and that’s what counts.  If you want to make one your self, you can use any size nails you want.  These are just nails I had.

my ingredients




tape measure


I used the marker to mark where I wanted the nails.  I put them at 1″ and 1/2″.  you can do whatever length you want to.

these are my boys helping me last night. #rescuecats #helpercat #helpercats #homemade #loom #weaving #art #crafts #maker #adoptdontshop



Today is Adventures In Baking Day.  This is what I have done so far today.  So far today I have baked Pineapple Scones, and am in the process of freezing two rolls of homemade white bread dough to use for cinnamon pecan rolls.  The recipes can be found in a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I plan on trying some rolls soon, we’ll see how that goes.

they look like ogre faces!!

My newest kitten has been having box and cute lessons today.

This is Ivy the boy cat.  We have had him for about a month.  I got him from a friend that had to move and couldn’t keep him.  My friend found him in her yard.  So Pretty much both of my gingy cats were rescued off the side of the road!  My white/gingy cat is from the local shelter.