Why must an artist choose only one thing to create?   Is that supposed to make it easier to do that one thing, if you don’t do many?  Or do they feel that they only have that one calling? I don’t think that you should have to just do that one thing if you don’t want too.  Who’s to tell you that you can’t have divergent creativity?  Why can’t an artist do poetry and painting?  And if you paint/ write poetry why can’t you do more than one style? There are many different types of people,places, and things just dieing to be created in all kinds different ways by all kinds of different artist.   I personally like to paint, sew (by hand or machine), write poetry,  bake, and do wood work.  There are as many ways to do something as there are leaves on trees.

I say break the societal mold and do as many different things as you want.  If you only want to do one thing that is fine also! Be a butterfly or moth and break your cocoon!