I'm a dark gothic poet and this is some of my work and or oppinions


March 2017

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Audubon Aquarium of the Americas New Orleans part 2

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas New Orleans Part 1

the world war II museum

Architecture I love it sooooo….

beautiful nature is everywhere here!!

my trip thus far

an artist worst critic is…..

do you ever look at something that you drew/painted/sketched/composed or whatever and when you first do it you all “this is pretty good” but then you look back the next day or so and you think “this is shit”?  well that is me, with these two sketches I did last night. The “Suga” sketch was in progress. The “jay park” is finished.  what do you all the mass populous think?  These are not exactly my first attempt at “graffiti” style art.  I just doodle it sometimes.  #jaypark  #suga

Fuck my life

So I’m in this beautiful little city.  You may know it, it’s called New Orleans.  All I can think about right now, is that I am not good enough.  For anyone.  I don’t deserve love.  Why would some guy or anyone for that matter like me, when I don’t even like me.  And for some strange gods damned reason I think the CITY  won’t like me either. Gotta love my fucking brain. Maybe it gets better. Single for life.

The lake.

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