Long time no see.  So today I did something that is hard for me.

I have a fear of bridges. Large or small it doesn’t matter.  If it’s off the ground I don’t like it.  I have full on panic attacks.  Unless it is one I go on multiple times a week.  Those I am usually ok for.

Usually when I take a bridge or overpass I have to have my windows rolled up, seatbelt on, and godsmack going on the CD player. Also I have to be in the center lane. With all these I will still have a panic attack.  Today I took three bridges.  Each one I took twice.  I took them all with my windows all the way down and without my beloved Godsmack.  Today I took them with B.A.P..  I also used different lanes, with mild irrigation.  

I also started school this week and only had a panic attack one time.  All in all, I think that is probably the best I’ve done in awhile.

How did you do this week?

This is my puppy boy.