As members of “The Opposable Thumbs” squad, we all have a few things in common.   We all eat, breath, and excrete things.  Roughly half of us can make and carry a baby or more inside of us at one time.   If I posted a picture of blood, what would you think? Bright, red BLOOD!!!!  Whatever would you think?  Would you say “ew” or “ick”?  Would you think I was “sucidal” or “seeking attention” or “obsessed”?  I bet you would never guess That I was thinking about “vaginal” or”menstral” blood!  

That dreaded once a month thing that happens. The “crimson tide”, “French revolution”, “shark week”, or”satans waterfall” 

Roughly half the world will have around 11 of these “curses” a year. For between 30-40 years. Yet it is considered disgusting .  Why is that?  I don’t think it is disgusting.

For centuries menstration Was considered sacred.  A gift from the gods even.  But the. Some shift happened and we had to hide it away.  Never speak of it. Never never never.  It was now unholy, disgusting, and unclean.  This is the way it has been ever sense.

There are many different ways to collect this blood .  You can use a tampon. A pad, or a cup.  You can just let it flow or you can stop it all together.  Did you know that women used to feed their blood to their plants?  Did you know that it can also be used for spells?? What would you think if I told you that I collect mine and give it to my plants every moth?  Surprised? Disgusted? Shocked?  What?  I personally think that we should give back to Mother Earth as much as we can and blood has nutrients so I don’t see why not.