Music saves lives.  It always has and always will.   I have a fairly broad taste in music.  it ranges from Jazz and blues to classic country and classic rock and then bounces to old school goth, symphonic metal, k-pop and k-hip-hop to metal, rock , and 90’s R&B.  then throw in some folk music and some musicals for shits and giggles and call it good.  5ce7368f320bf7bc08a686e672982cbd

This dude up here is Jay Park.  A very talented Korean-American Rapper out of Seoul South Korea.  He helps ALOT with my random depressive moments.  I have had depression sense I was ten.  When I feel down, or I want to feel sexy, Jay Park is my dude. He also helps when I need motivation.  He has worked his ass off to get where he is.  He Co-founded/started two record label (AOM & H1GHER MUSIC) and has recently signed to Roc Nation.  He collaborates with a lot of people and tends to release new music often.  His music may not reflect it but he stays pretty woke, along with being busy as fuck.  This paragraph does not fit half of what he does.  Just give him a chance , you should check him out. here is his YouTube page.

These guys are a band called Godsmack.  they have helped my express my anger and rage sense I was 15 years old.  I tend to self harm when I get very angry.  I hit things.  including myself.  they help me with that tons!!!  They don’t just do songs about anger.  they do some love, and cars and shit too.  They made it out of the Boston Scene 20 years ago and haven’t looked back.  here is their YouTube page

Godsmackbig bangthese boys over here are Big Bang.  either individually or all together they help when my stress level rises.  Like when my grandma fell and broke her leg.  her dementia, her copd and her heart murmur all got worse. I listen to them for three daysaileehalseyEster Segarra