I'm a dark gothic poet and this is some of my work and or oppinions


Once upon a time on a very warm summer day, a girl decided to take up weaving. She looked up things on pinterest. Warps, and wraps, wefts and bobbins and looms oh my!! So much stuff! Stuff everywhere as far as the eye can see.
Now this girl, she had other things that she did too. First, she painted, a lot. All the time with a paint brush or an idea for something. Second, if she was inside, she would sew things. Presents or gifts, decorations, clothes, all kinds of things. If she wasn’t doing one of these things she could be found writing poetry, walking the dog or taking care of the house and its inhabitants.
Now taking care of a house and the inhabitants meant the girls daughter, her mother and father, and four cats. As the dog lives outside he doesn’t technically count as an inhabitant. There is cooking and cleaning and feeding to be done. All day every day. Every. Blessed. Day. No days off. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t get to do whatever you want when you get older. Because there are these things called responsibilities. Now remember that this girl has people, places, and things to take care of. They require work, every day. So, she had to manage her task.
Managing task is a lot like weaving. This task weaves over the other task and under that one. Just like that. Breakfast goes over painting and under grocery shopping for example. Sewing under weaving and over painting and back under poetry.

Sometimes when the girl needs to recharge she would go outside. Her house is on five acres. So, she has lots of woods to play in. Going outside and playing in the woods is good for the girl’s mind. She goes a lot less mad when she has outside to play in. Often, she will take pictures of whatever she finds outside. Grass, flowers, trees, and leaves. Fallen logs, wilting flowers, and falling leaves, all feeding the grass to grow the flowers, tress and leaves.
If you let it (any it will do, just pick one), it will take over your life. The girl could not let it do that. She had to make things or her head got full and she felt like she was going mad. Now all these creative things come into play because they make a lot of mess and scraps. The girl decided to use those scraps and see what she could make with them. So far, the girl has made two things weaving scraps. But she is learning. The learning is what counts.
The girl can make all kinds of things from scraps and tatters. Rugs, place mats, hot pot holders, a life even. If you are patient, find the threads, and are willing to learn. You can make anything. Yes, even a life. Now if you remember the girl had a daughter to take care of. Parents also. Each one a thread in her life. The cats and the dog also threads. Even the house and the land are threads.
Learning means doing, and doing means growing, and growing means more. The more you learn, the more you do, the more you grow. It’s an inevitable bloody cycle. The girl, she learned about cycles a long time ago. The cycle never ends. It can’t end. If it ends everything comes apart.
While the cycle can’t end it can rest. Part of the learning happens in the resting. Resting is just as important as every other part of the weaving process in the tapestry of life. It just so happens to be the over looked part. Try not to overlook it while weaving your life tapestry.
The girl is learning that. The learning is what counts. It never ends it only rest.


This post is about what???  

As members of “The Opposable Thumbs” squad, we all have a few things in common.   We all eat, breath, and excrete things.  Roughly half of us can make and carry a baby or more inside of us at one time.   If I posted a picture of blood, what would you think? Bright, red BLOOD!!!!  Whatever would you think?  Would you say “ew” or “ick”?  Would you think I was “sucidal” or “seeking attention” or “obsessed”?  I bet you would never guess That I was thinking about “vaginal” or”menstral” blood!  

That dreaded once a month thing that happens. The “crimson tide”, “French revolution”, “shark week”, or”satans waterfall” 

Roughly half the world will have around 11 of these “curses” a year. For between 30-40 years. Yet it is considered disgusting .  Why is that?  I don’t think it is disgusting.

For centuries menstration Was considered sacred.  A gift from the gods even.  But the. Some shift happened and we had to hide it away.  Never speak of it. Never never never.  It was now unholy, disgusting, and unclean.  This is the way it has been ever sense.

There are many different ways to collect this blood .  You can use a tampon. A pad, or a cup.  You can just let it flow or you can stop it all together.  Did you know that women used to feed their blood to their plants?  Did you know that it can also be used for spells?? What would you think if I told you that I collect mine and give it to my plants every moth?  Surprised? Disgusted? Shocked?  What?  I personally think that we should give back to Mother Earth as much as we can and blood has nutrients so I don’t see why not. 

Do you see this little bunny, right here?  This burnt, broken,lopsided, scarred up bunny?  This is my favorite nick nack.   My little broken buddy here has a story.  She has seen things.  I have had her for probably about 20 years or better.  

She is not the only one with a story or scars.    The difference is people like things with scars and stories.  They don’t like women with scars or stories. People like humans to be flawless and occasionally vapid. They like followers that look like a fucking Barbie.

I’ve got more in common with my little rabbit than I do with a gods damned Barbie.  Halsey summed it up nicely for me.  #sorrytomyunknownlover 

Some milestones 

Long time no see.  So today I did something that is hard for me.

I have a fear of bridges. Large or small it doesn’t matter.  If it’s off the ground I don’t like it.  I have full on panic attacks.  Unless it is one I go on multiple times a week.  Those I am usually ok for.

Usually when I take a bridge or overpass I have to have my windows rolled up, seatbelt on, and godsmack going on the CD player. Also I have to be in the center lane. With all these I will still have a panic attack.  Today I took three bridges.  Each one I took twice.  I took them all with my windows all the way down and without my beloved Godsmack.  Today I took them with B.A.P..  I also used different lanes, with mild irrigation.  

I also started school this week and only had a panic attack one time.  All in all, I think that is probably the best I’ve done in awhile.

How did you do this week?

This is my puppy boy.  

Newish loom

So my homemade loom basic fell apart and I had to get a new one.  So I got a lap loom from Harrisville designs. I must say, so far so good! !

Etsy listing available in my shop

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

Etsy listing available in my shop

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

Etsy listing available in my shop

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

Some new things on my etsy.

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